Welcome to a vital part of any aspiring writer’s online portfolio: the all-important bio. If I were pretentious enough to follow the accepted norms of the industry, I’d probably write this section in third person. But that would just feel silly, wouldn’t it?

Simon Masterton is an up-and-comer. An up-and-coming bartender, an up-and-coming student, an up-and-coming social media genius and, most importantly, an up-and-coming sports and lifestyle journalist. Yes, Simon’s not quite established in anything, really. But no one ever said it would be easy.

Okay, it just doesn’t feel right. At least I can say I tried.

My drive to become a professional journalist was first realised in the summer break of 2011/12, following a stressful final year of high school and prior to beginning my first year at university. Scrolling through a creative jobs website, bored out of my seventeen year-old brain, I noticed an abundance of opportunities for writers who apparently needed no experience in anything whatsoever to apply. Seeing this as a fine alternative to composing lame Facebook statuses and believing that my marks in high school English would be some sort of advantage, I mustered all of my inner #yolo and applied for one. The rest, as they say, constitutes the following four paragraphs of this story.

Having never written an email job application before, and itching for some creativity following the mind-numbing nature of Year Twelve English essays, I submitted an email titled “Five Things you Should Never Write in a Job Application.” Luckily, the director of the lifestyle blog I was applying for just so happened to appreciate my dry sense of humour, and on the 24th of February, 2012 – the very day I turned 18 – I was offered the chance to write for the one-and-only I was of course rather inebriated by this point in the evening, so I gladly accepted the opportunity on the 25th.

The remaining ten months of 2012 were a blur – and not simply because I was drunk for at least half of it. Less than a week after landing my first writing gig, I also became the first member of my extended family to go to university – beginning a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies and Bachelor of Creative Arts double degree, which will keep me there for almost five years. I wrote an article that scored over four hundred Facebook shares, got heavily involved in leadership and volunteering at UOW, landed my first print journalism internship at FOKE Magazine and begun work at Bankstown Sports Club as a bartender – another personal passion. But who could forget the “contemporary media issue” assignment I had to do for my very first communications subject in March? The assignment required us all to start our own WordPress blogs – and here we all are.

2012 wasn’t without its troubles, in all aspects of my life. But with every so-called sobering experience came a thicker skin, an added motivation and a reason to appreciate those who are more important. From every experience, I’m afraid to say, came a boost to my maturity. I now read at a fifth-grade level.

The reason for this blog’s being is to show whoever has nothing better to do – my future employers, I can hope – exactly who I am, while learning something about writing, internet marketing and graphic design along the way. I’ll never lie in my writing, or pretend to be someone I’m not, so reading my blog is probably a great alternative to reading, say, my résumé. So here I am. If I’m the guy you want, then feel free to get in contact via one of the options below. If not, let me know why and maybe we can have a beer anyway?

Simon Masterton.

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Phone: If you’d like to talk in person, shoot me an email and I’ll gladly send through my number.

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Twitter: @OiSimmo

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